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Our Story

Gurdwara Aid was started in 2019 by Late Gurdeep Singh and Mandip Singh. The first National Gurdwara Conference in September 2019 was the launchpad.

Since then the work of Gurdwara Aid has grown organically in supporting Gurdwaras with charity registrations, gift aid, policies, disputes, border agency registrations and other needs of Gurdwaras. During the Covid lockdown, Gurdwara Aid was instrumental in setting up the National Advisory Group for the Reopening of Gurdwaras (NAGRG) which worked closely with the Taskforce for the reopening of places of worship, through weekly update zoom calls with UK Gurdwaras. During this time Gurdwara Aid distributed 40,000 pieces of PPE to Gurdwaras and other places of worship free, ran a food bank in Birmingham, and arranged for Safeguarding training for around 40 Gurdwara since 2019.

Gurdwara Aid’s monthly Gurdwara update webinars provide valuable information for Trustees and committee members.

We are driven by values

We are an independent, non political, professional and non-profit, community-driven organisation that provides Gurdwaras with a trusted partner to help Gurdwaras through technical, operational and other day to day challenges.

Super Efficient

We understand that Gurdwara Trustees and Committee members are volunteers with limited time and capacity. We provide additional capacity and expertise.

Deeply Committed

We are deeply committed to the advancement and professionalism of the Gurdwara Community to create safer centres that display the best of Sikh values.

Highly Skilled

We have experienced professionals who understand the regulatory, technical, operational and religious aspects of running a Gurdwara.

Late Gurdeep Singh


Mandip Singh