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Gift Aid

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Are you claiming Gift Aid?

What is it and how can I make the process paperless for my Gurdwara?

Gift Aid allows registered charities to claim back 25% from UK taxpayer donations on their donations to the Gurdwara.

For every $1 in donations, the Gurdwara can receive back 25p in donations.

This requires registration with the HMRC and maintaining good documentation. This will allow you or your agent to make a claim on a regular basis.

Under the GASDS scheme your gurdwara can also claim gift aid on the aggregate of your golak donations. 

Gurdwara Aid developed an online tool to allow you to collect your donations in a Gift Aid ready format without the need for receipt books, This will also allow you to collect donations by credit card. 

Please contact us for more information and how we can help you.


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